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Meet Micha

How it Started

Creating Fashion and Handcrafts was always fascinating for me and I already do this since my youth. I started actually very small, creating my own custom designs for myself, experimenting with different materials and styles. It was kind of funny when more and more people were coming to me if I can do designs for them. That's how it all started:)

Learning in India

My first steps as a Designer started in Mother India with my brother and his girlfriend. It was a beautiful time and definitely learned a lot. But as my designs were pretty complicated I had to learn the hard way that the Indian saying “Sub Kuch Milega – Everything is Possible” does not work always. If you really want to make the most complicated high quality beautiful designs I had to leave this amazing country.

Fair Trade in Bali

Luckily I heard on my travels of the tailoring art on the beautiful island in Bali. There I found a really small Family Tailoring Shop with the most amazing Master tailors  who could actually really do what I imagined. Since 2009 I work with them and they become really good friends. This said the only way how to make the production is Fair Trade. Quality equals good wage and working conditions. I want that the garments last a long time and that you are happy with them. This is a really simple philosophy and very important to me.

What does the future bring?

As we are evolving Fraggletribe has to do also its share. I experiment a lot with new materials. 2020 I could already make around 30 percent of the production with organic materials. And this number should increase a lot in the next years. But the idea is not only to use organic materials but in recycled materials as well. Many of my designs use for example left overs from the production to create the most amazing outfits like the Pant Tail Top you see on the right :D Also to avoid plastic is a big goal. 2020 we could save over 2000 plastic bags for packing using recycled big packing boxes for shipment. Every order gets packed in paper instead of plastic.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas how to improve. I am always happy to grow with you :)