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Refund policy

Return Information

We are a very small label and of course it is possible to send goods back if you do not like them or if they are not fitting. The only issue is that we cannot pay for the shipment when you send us the product back, because this is only when you are a very big company which is sending hundreds of parcel every day. So please send us the goods back via parcel and tracking code (otherwise the parcel could get lost) back to us. When the goods arrive we will transfer you the money of the products to your account.

We hope you can understand this, but as we are not a big company we have to take this measurement.

Detailed information you will find under this link > Return Parcel – How does it work? If you have any questions feel free to contact us on contact@fraggletribe.com ;)

Return Parcel – How does it work?

Mail us to contact@fraggletribe.com which product you would like to return so we can await your parcel.

Pack the goods well protected

Send the parcel including a Tracking Code (otherwise the parcel could get lost) to:

S3RES Design OG
Mag. art Michaela Lechner
Daniel Lechner
Hollergasse 33-4
1150 Vienna, Austria

Very important – keep the parcel code or send it to contact@fraggletribe.com
After receiving the parcel we will send you immediately your payment back to your account

Option to Exchange a Product:

If a product does not fit you because of size and color and you want to exchange it to another product, please let us know. In this case we will pay for the new shipping charges to your address.

Information for Shipment costs of the Return Parcel:

As we are a very small label we can not pay for the cost of the return parcel as big companies (e.g. Zalando, Amazon). We hope for your understanding. To keep the quantity of return parcels very small we ask our customers very exactly about their measurements and clothing size. This helps us to keep this numbers small. If for any reason you don't feel comfortable with the purchased product you can send it back in between 1 month after you received the parcel. Please take a return parcel including a tracking number because this is the only way to guarantee that the parcel is reaching us.

Information for Shipment costs of different Shipping companies

We got information from customers especially from Germany that the return cost of DHL are very high. In our research the cheapest option is HERMES and they also include a tracking number