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Terms of service

General business conditions for the webshop fraggletribe.com

1. coverage

These general business conditions / general terms and conditions (AGB) from:

S3RES Design OG
Mag. art Michaela Lechner
Daniel Lechner
Hollergasse 33-4
1150 Vienna, Austria
Mobile: 004368181309684

regulates the contract relationship between Daniel and Michaela Lechner Fraggletribe, subsequently named Fraggletribe, and the customer.

Condition for the realization of a contract is, that these general terms and conditions are accepted, by the customer. Exclusively my general business conditions are valid, in the form accepted with the order through the customer. Deviant or complementary general business conditions of the customer don't become part of the contract.

For further questions please contact us under:

  • contact@fraggletribe.com
  • Mobile: 004368181309684

2. range and contracting

Fraggletribe is led as small business according to § 19 UStG. Therefore, the sales tax is neither raised nor declared.

By pressing the button "order" in the order process of my onlineshop (http://www.fraggletribe.com/checkout_confirmation.php) the customer hands over a binding offer on conclusion of a contract with Fraggletribe. Fraggletribe can accept this offer by sending a "confirmation of order e-mail" or by delivery of the ordered goods within two weeks.

3. recantation instruction, right of withdrawal, recantation consequences

Recantation instruction

Right of withdrawal

You can revoke your contract explanation without any statement of reasons in text form, therefore per letter or e-mail, or through the return of the goods within two weeks. The period begins with receipt of the goods and soonest one day after receipt of the recantation instruction in text form. The retraction or the return of the goods have to be sent to:

S3RES Design OG
Michaela Lechner
Daniel Lechner
Hollergasse 33-4
1150 Vienna, Austria

Revocation consequences

In case of an effective retraction, received benefits on both sides have to be back-granted and possible benefits have to be handed over if necessary (for example use advantages). If you cannot back-grant me the received goods completely or partially or only in a worse condition, you have to pay compensation for loss suffered insofar if necessary. This is not necessary if the deterioration of the goods is led back exclusively to their examination, as it would have been possible in usual store business. Incidentally, you can avoid the value liability by not taking the wares in use like an owner and omitting all, which impairs their value.
Important Notice: Goods, that is possible to be package shipped has to be sent back. You have to pay the costs of the return. If damaged products or not the ordered products were shipped to you, the costs of shipping will be free of charge.

4. Delivery and Shipping costs

The shipping costs are calculated dependent on weight and size of the order as well as the delivery address.

Fraggletribe delivers worldwide. We like to calculate the most favorable (cheapest) delivery costs, dependent on weight and size, for you. For Europe Fraggletribe uses mainly Hermes (expect Switzerland) and for all other countries the Austrian Post. Please ask us for further details under contact@fraggletribe.com.

Delivery period

If the ordered goods are on stock, the nationwide delivery, according to payment type, takes place within 4 days on weekdays after the payment arrives on our account. If the goods are not on stock or we still need some information for adjusting the clothing to fit your body we will immediately contact you within maximum 4 days. If the goods are not available we will either transfer the payment of the ordered goods back to your account or we proceed to your wishes e.g. exchanging to other goods.

5. Payment possibilities

Here are the ways to pay for the order:

  1. Cash in Advance

    Here you have to pay first on our bank account. When the money is on our account I will send the parcel.

    Pro: its the cheapest way for sending (in Austria about 5€, in the EU about 13€)

    Contra: only after the money is on our account we send the parcel ... so if you want to have the parcel quick you have to be quick with the transfer ;)

    The Account numbers I will tell you when you do the order

  2. Pay Pal

    Money will be transferred to our Paypal account contact@fraggletribe.com over PAYPAL

    Pro: Transfer takes no time ... I can send parcel right away as well cheapest way for sending (in Austria about 5€, in the EU about 13€)

    Contra: you have to pay the PAYPAL money tax as well .... this is 3% of the transfered money (when you order 100€ you have to pay 3€ extra for transfer)

    Account you get for free on www.paypal.com

  3. Credit Card

    The Credit Card Payment is processed by the German payment provider Secupay.ag. After checking the credit card data, Secupay AG will give us a note to send the goods.

  4. Direct Debit.  Important! This option is only available for German Bank Accounts

6. proprietary reservation

The delivered goods remain property of Fraggletribe until the complete purchase price is paid.

7. copyright

All contents of this website are the intellectual property of Fraggletribe as well as its suppliers and partners. Any usage for non-private use needs the written authorization of Fraggletribe.